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Kara Weisman

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I study intuitive theories, conceptual change, and folk philosophy of mind, with particular attention to the ways these conceptual representations do and do not vary across development, across cultural settings, and across individuals. I am currently the postdoctoral project director for the Developing Belief Network.


All teaching was completed at Stanford University.

PSYCH 141: Cognitive Development

PSYCH 10/STATS 60: Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus [course website]

PSYCH 113S: Developmental Psychology [syllabus] [lectures]

PSYCH 253: Statistical Theory, Models, & Methodology [course website]

PSYCH 175: Early Learning and Social Cognition

PSYCH 60: Introduction to Developmental Psychology [syllabus] [instructional videos]

PSYCH 252: Statistical Methods for Behavioral & Social Sciences [course website]