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Kara Weisman

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I study folk theories and their role in shaping people’s behaviors, relationships, and phenomenal experiences. I am particularly interested in the ways in which conceptual representations do and do not vary across development, across cultural settings, and across individuals. I am currently the postdoctoral project director for the Developing Belief Network.


All teaching was completed at Stanford University.

PSYCH 141: Cognitive Development

PSYCH 10/STATS 60: Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus [course website]

PSYCH 113S: Developmental Psychology [syllabus] [lectures]

PSYCH 253: Statistical Theory, Models, & Methodology [course website]

PSYCH 175: Early Learning and Social Cognition

PSYCH 60: Introduction to Developmental Psychology [syllabus] [instructional videos]

PSYCH 252: Statistical Methods for Behavioral & Social Sciences [course website]